It Came to Life | Inspiration

Why I'm blogging on my last free Saturday night until who knows when...I have no idea. I mean, I never even finished getting ready for the day! My hair is a mess, and I have no makeup on. Sorry Joel! All I know is that this is what I love. I'm so invested in learning more, growing, perfecting my craft, and reaching out to those around me. I'm sitting here watching...slash that...RE-WATCHING Jasmine Star's Creative Live course just soaking up all sorts of inspiring ideas and new ways to improve my business...And make sure I keep a life amidst this great adventure. It's great. I'm proud to say this is how I spent the bulk of my Saturday. Liiiike a nerd! Jealous?! 

Soooo, the point of this post is inspiration! I just wanted to draw up an official inspiration board to share from the style shoot we just held. Here it is! Watching it go from this inspiration to reality was great. This is something I'd looooove to do more of in the future. The whole, inspiration to reality thing...or even just the inspiration boards. I've always loved a good inspiration board :) So who knows, maybe you'll be seeing more of those in the future. 

Hope you like it! And are having a more eventful Saturday night than meeeee!