Jane Guerin, Flowers | Meet the Vendor

When I was first considering moving into an office space away from home...I found the space, then found I'd have a neighbor! And not just any neighbor...a florist! YES!!! Jane Guerin, flowers to be exact :) I had to go meet her. So everytime I was downtown, I'd check to see if she was there, and sure enough, one time the lights were on! I was greeted by the alarm of her Yorkie, Chloe, and a warm, welcoming smile at the door. And just for the record, Chloe still barks at me everytime I come over :) Anyways, I met Jane that day, talked about the building, the business, our yappy dogs, and how much I wanted to move into the neighboring space! I wanted it even more having her as my neighbor! 

So fast forward a couple months from our first meeting, and I've signed the lease and moved in! (More on that later) I couldn't have been more blessed with such a fabulous neighbor! She's such a delight and an incredibly talented floral designer! This post is filled with her designs from last weekend's style shoot. After all was said and done with the shoot, we brought the arrangements back to our shops for their own little mini photoshoot. Aaaand, Jane was kind enough to let me keep them in my office afterwards! So much pretty!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE fresh flowers?! Because I do :) They instantly bring life into a room, not to mention they just make me smile when I look at them. Joel knows this, hence the Magic Vase. 

So with all that, I'd like to welcome Jane Guerin to the blog! I've asked her a few questions so you can get to know her, and here's what she had to say:

1. How did you get into floral design? I have been designing florals for about 20 years. I started in Birmingham, Alabama by observing the work of several flower arrangers who had been trained in the style of the well-known floral designer Constance Spry, who was from England. It really became the "Birmingham" style of flower arranging. I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, but no one in Montgomery designed flowers in this fashion, which employed an abundance of flowers. As Constance Spry herself, I had a career in the not-for-profit world, but continued designing flower arrangements as a "volunteer". I designed my first wedding flowers in 1997. I began my floral design business in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2008.

2. Do you have formal training? If so, where? I have studied floral design, specializing in wedding designs, at FlowerSchool of New York and at Jane Packer Flower School in New York. My first class was in 2008, and I have continued to study at FlowerSchool New York attending several classes each year.

3. What is your favorite floral trend right now? My favorite floral trend right now is designing monochromatic arrangements, and the use of lots of flowers with very little filler or foliage added.

4. Describe your style/aesthetic. My style can be described as "a modern approach to classic design." I saw an arrangement similar to my style, and it was described as having an "urban edginess". I think that can apply to my work, which is due, in part, to my training in New York. However, I'm drawn to that style and I guess that's why I sought out the New York designers with whom to train.  I strive for sophisticated and elegant arrangements.

5. How do floral arrangements impact weddings? The use of flowers at weddings dates back to ancient times. At that time, brides carried lots of herbs, with or without flowers. Various herbs, and flowers too, have different meanings and brides would carry them to express those meanings. Lots of garlands and wreaths were used decorate the wedding hall, which was to enhance the beauty of the hall. At one time, the bridesmaids made the garlands and wreaths, as well as posies to give to all the guests as a way to say thank you. I think those reasons still apply today - flowers express the happiness of the occasion!

6. What's it like being next door to Korie?! I LOVE being next door to Korie. She is so talented and is so willing to share her knowledge and talent to help my business grow. What more could you ask of a "business neighbor?!"

Jane, thanks for stopping by the blog! If you haven't checked out her work already, go check it out! She's wonderful!