Staying Inspired | Inspiration

Lately, I've been thinking alot about inspiration, where I find it, and staying inspired...clearly, my last few posts have had EVERYTHING to do with inspiration! Looks like my current theme :) Anyways, I find that this is a key aspect to my business, as it should be! But the things I do aside from sessions and weddings is what gets be ready for said events! Things like...

Going to the movies- there's soooo much creativity to be found there! Angles, lighting, colors, emotions, etc. Plus, going on dates brings out the lovey-dovey in me and clues me into ideas and poses for shooting! Current favorite movie: RIO!

Painting my nails- I make way to many impulse purchases of nail polish...have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE COLOR?!... anyways, I don't find the time I always want to paint my nails....but when I do?! It's magical! I get to relax and take time out for me. Just me. That alone gets me motivated to work harder since I got a little "me" time. It's important! Plus, I end up with pretty painted nails! Yay!

Fun shoots!- Come on, these are just what they sound like...FUN! These are planned, styled, usually have props or a color scheme...or at least an idea to go along with...and are loaded with eye candy! I've been doing a few of these lately and am LOVING them! It's a chance for me to try something new, go out on a limb, and take some risks that I sometimes can't take otherwise :)

HOW Magazine- I asked for a subscription to this magazine for my birthday back in February...and Joel got it for me! My first issue arrived this week :) I used to get these in college and loved them...just full of amazingness. Creativity overload. Tons of magazines and catalogues can be used for inspiration though! I also love J.Crew, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and InStyle. 

Anyways, random little post for your Thursday. Just wanted to share about a couple places and ways I find inspiration! How do you?!