Wedding Day Shoes | Style Inspiration

In the beginning stages of wedding planning, I didn't know much...but I did know I was going to have amazing heels to wear on my wedding day! And I did! It was just a little piece of my personality that I got to carry with me as part of the wedding. Knowing I had those shoes on, I felt like the most gorgeous girl in the world...and I couldn't wait to show Joel! What did I wear on my wedding day? LEOPARD HEELS. That's right, leopard heels. In high school and college, I'd always loved little hints of leopard here and there, but not too much. This was perfect! Though, I wasn't used to a 4-inch heel, it was completely worth it :) I also knew there was NO WAY I could make it through the night in them, so I had a sparkly pair of sandals waiting for me after we said "I do!"

Colorful shoes can really add something special to your wedding day. Even if most of your guests won't see them beneath your gown, you'll know they're there. Bold shoes, heels in this case, just give you that extra something in your step, they make you feel a little more flirty and gorgeous, and well, they're just downright HOT! This little wedding detail is something you'll want to remember, especially if it's unique. I mean, I love being able to say, "I wore leopard heels on my wedding day!" So fun! And if I get to a wedding and see the bride has rockin' shoes, omg, I can't WAIT to shoot them! I will probably take too many photos of your shoes, but hey, they'll be well documented :)

So brides, keep this in mind for your wedding! You can find shoes that showcase your personality, go with your wedding colors or style, or have a sweet story behind them like family heirlooms. And remember, if you get heels for the big day, be sure to find a sweet pair of flats for dancing! If you don't, and think you'll last in heels all day....girl, you're BRAVE!! and that's just impressive. 

Last night I did a little shoe shopping for some enjoy!

1. Pour La Victoire 2. RSVP 3. Kate Spade 4. Manolo Blahnik 5. Badgley Mischka 6. Gianni Bini 7. RSVP 8. Nina Nabal 9. Steve Madden 10. Badgley Mischka 11. RSVP 12. Steve Madden 13. Badgley Mischka 14. Steve Madden 15. Badgley Mischka 16. Steven Madden