Coty Jones | Fredericksburg, VA Portrait Photographer

Coty's session in particular made me realize how much I LOOOOVE portrait sessions! It was just her and I tromping around Fredericksburg hanging out like old friends. It was simple, fun, engaging, and so refreshing! Coty is a photographer herself, and trusted me completely with the shoot....which, to feel that sort of trust from a complete stranger is pretty rad. It is! So thank you, Coty! You made my day :)

Coty is a photographer from Hooper's Island, Maryland, and by the sound of's beautiful there. When meeting another photographer, there always seems to be an instant connection. We shared our "war stories," favorites lenses, and dreams for our careers. I just love this girl, and can't wait to see her new website and branding launch soon! (Hence the photo sesh!) 

Coty, thank you SOOO much for spending the afternoon with me. It was great getting to know you and I wish you only the best! Hope we cross paths again soon! For now, enjoy your photos :)