Liz & Daniel | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographer

Rain, rain, and more rain! Most of my sessions have had forecasts of rain, but usually pass over by the time we actually start shooting...this one?! 100% chance of rain. And Liz and Daniel were up for it! I've been itching to shoot a session in the rain, and this one couldn't have been more perfect :) Liz and Daniel were prepared for the worst with towels, an extra set of "rain clothes," and the willingness to get soaked for the sake of good photos! Yes and YES!! Aaaaand, cute yellow rain boots. So classic :)

I have to add, towards the end of the session, we had spotted sunshine...the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds! So I was thankful for the little bit of warmth it brought to the photos :) And after we all said our goodbyes for the evening, Joel and I were driving home and saw the most GORGEOUS sky....we're talking Monet style sky. Can you believe it?! Dreary, rainy skies then BOOM! A sky of beauty :)

Liz and Daniel made the trip up from the VA Beach area with 2 of their friends and decided to make a weekend of it :) Did it mention it was Liz's 25th birthday?! IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!!! I was so shocked when we were booking her session that she wanted to spend part of her birthday with ME taking engagement photos! How sweet is that?! I loved it :) 

Let me share a little bit about this sweet couple: Liz is a graphic designer, and Daniel is a 3rd grade teacher. Liz has a fish named Jaws 2(apparently the original Jaws bit the dust, and they wanted to keep the name! haha), and they love playing games together. They're getting married this June at Hunt Club Farm in VA Beach, and I couldn't be more excited! It's going to be so colorful and happy and lovely!! So much anticipation for this wedding :)

So for now, meet Liz and Daniel. Enjoy their sweet photos. And get ready for their upcoming wedding this summer!