Nicole & Alex | Georgetown, DC Photographer

Because of the intense love and dedication I have for Sprinkles Cupcakes, I trekked through Georgetown after this session toting my camera bag and wallet just to stand in line for cupcakes. Practically 2 miles up a hill in the snow both ways...ok, not that bad. But hey, the people-dodging long walk mixed with having to stand in line for cupcakes!? Come on...snow. Haha, anyways, standing in line for cupcakes isn't unusual in should have seen the line for Georgetown Cupcake! I asked someone who had walked out of there how long they waited...."an hour and a half, the things we do for our kids..." WOW! Well, I only stood in line for about 20 minutes down the street at Sprinkles. Pssst, Sprinkles is better, promise :)

I met Alex and Nicole in Georgetown over Easter weekend for their e-sesh, and ya know, I didn't even THINK how crowded the streets would be! I just prayed they'd be okay with a little innocent PDA :) I mean, there was no way to avoid people! They. were. EVERYWHERE. But needless to say, Alex and Nicole completely ROCKED their session. Aaaaand, their dog Sofie made a little cameo! 

I LOVE they way they met. They both played kickball on the NAKID (No, Adult Kickball Isn't Dumb) League in DC. Afterwards, their team would always go out together, and week after week, Alex and Nicole kept finding themselves only talking and hanging out with each other, instead of the whole team :) It all started with a little kickball. 

These two are tying the knot this August in DC, and I cannot wait to capture their special day! But until then, enjoy their sweet engagement!

Special thanks to GoGo Gorgeous Makeup Artistry for Nicole's fabulous look for the session! As always, AMAZING!