This Week's Recap | Personal

It's Friday, TGIF! I'm so ready for the weekend and the engagement sessions it brings! I've been sitting here editing, pondering the events of the week, and thought I'd share my random, unscripted events of the week with the www :) Ready!? Hah, here goes! 

Impressive moment of the week: Joel made us sushi. WITH NO LESSONS...ever! Impressed!? I know I was! I mean, I've heard it's really hard to get the hang of, that it takes weeks of practice and patience...Joel whipped these out like it was nothing. I can't wait til he makes them again for us! MMMM!!! I love being impressed by my hunny :)

Embarrassing moment of the week: I took Betty on a walk in downtown Fredericksburg in front of all the cute little shops. She decided to poop right in the middle of the sidewalk among tourists and shoppers! SO EMBARRASSED! I mean, it was RIGHT in the middle of the sidewalk!! UGH!! It's a lot funnier to me now though :)

Inspiring moment of the week: Shooting my new friend, Coty Jones. Having not just anyone, but a fellow photographer, seek me out for new portraits for her website was such an honor! And not only that, but she 110% trusted me with the session. That kind of trust just inspires me to try harder, do different things, and step outside of the box even more. Plus, it's completely refreshing for me as a photographer! So, thank you, Coty! More on this session to come :)

Anticipating moment of the week: THE LYON-SHOP!! I'm going out to Laguna Beach in a couple weeks to attend a workshop from a photographer who I've found inspiring over the last few years; I couldn't be more excited about it! It's a chance for me to learn directly from people I admire, people who've got their workflow down, who pride themselves in having time for their family, and who and just all around AH-mazing. Cannot wait for this :) If you haven't checked them out, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and head on over to their blog!