Allison & Brad | Richmond, VA Engagement Photographer

This session makes me miss the city so much!! Moving from Houston, TX to Fredericksburg, VA is quite the change for a Galleria and high rise buildings just minutes away! I love the hustle and bustle of a city, with GOBS of things going on all at once! So shooting in Richmond was such a joy for me! And it was quite a welcome change:)

Allison and Brad were a breath of fresh air to hang out with for the afternoon of their session! They were so easy-going and easily affectionate with each other in front of my camera! Um, hello! LOVE THAT!!! :) We strolled around Richmond's downtown area, talking of good places to eat and brunch restaurants (Joel, I love brunch!! Have I ever told you!? Hint hint!! :) ), then made our way down to Belle Island for a little walk on the bridge. Since I'd never shot a session in Richmond, it felt like a new discovery around every corner! Colors, textures, lines, shadows....I was going ga-ga for Richmond! I can't wait to shoot there again!

Allison and Brad, thank you so much for welcoming me to your city! I loved our little adventure together, and I seriously cannot WAIT for your wedding this fall! Until then, I hope you two enjoy the photos :)