Ben & I-Jen | Charlottesville, VA Wedding Photographer

Ben and I-Jen are the kind of people to shower those around them in an overabundance of joy, love, and gratitude...and Joel and I definitely experienced this with them! They were amazing! I remember after the reception was over, watching I-Jen go up to every vendor present thanking them for being there and being a part of her day...every vendor! Aaaaaand, she even requested photos with each! I've never seen a bride show such thanks in that manner :) The best part? It was so natural for her to do so :)

The weather on their wedding day, was so bizarre! It was overcast, humid, and dreary in the morning, sunny for the ceremony, then we just watched those dramatic storm clouds roll in over the hills. It poured during the reception, but luckily the cover of the big white tent kept all guests dry and happy to keep the party going!

Ben and I-Jen, congratulations!! Thank you so much for having Joel and I be part of your wedding day! And thank you for the sweet parting gift! We definitely celebrated in your name as soon as we got home! :) Cheers to you both in your new life together!!

The minute I saw this sign above the entry way, I thought it was hilarious!! Plus, I love how it dates this house :)

Before the Western wedding ceremony, Ben, I-Jen and their families held a traditional Taiwainese ceremony. To start the ceremony, Ben walked I-Jen's wedding bouquet over to the cottage she was in, and before being able to enter, he was presented with 2 oranges to touch before crossing into the house. He then had to pass a quiz created by I-Jen's bridesmaids in order to "earn" his bride :) I won't go into the details of this quiz...but I don't think I've ever laughed that hard at a wedding before! And the man!

Having never experienced this type of ceremony, I found this next part to be extremely genuine and powerful. It was incredible. Surrounded by her closest family and friends, I-Jen was to say goodbye to her mother and family as she crossed into the next chapter of her life. 

Another part of the ceremony included the bride serving tea to her new in-laws :)

On to the next ceremony!


Look at that storm coming in directly after the ceremony!!

Ben was so excited about this amazing wedding cocktail they were serving their guests...apparently, it tasted like wedding cake in a glass! deeee-lish!