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Words cannot express how much I adored this invitation suite. Talk about EYE CANDY! gah! I don't even know what part is my favorite...the pink wax seal, the custom logo, the sweet belly band?! My graphic mind swoons for craftsmanship and creativity like this :) Haaaave I mentioned I have the most awesome clients ever?! Because I do. I do I do I DOOOOOO!!! hahaha, anyways, I'll let the bride, Amelia, and her designer sister, Kelsey, take it from here:

From Amelia:

"I knew that the stationery kit was going to be the most important element when it can to the theme and setting the tone for the wedding. After searching the many options for stationery, I decided that none of the pre-designed kits worked for me. There was always a little something about it that I wanted to change. I was looking for a design that not only summed up our personal style as a couple but also that encompassed what I was trying to achieve with the wedding theme. Lucky for me, my sister (and Maid of Honor) is a graphic designer. I charged her with the main task of helping me to brand the wedding and create all the custom stationery to go with it. I told her the elements that were important for me to incorporate: lace, texture, colors and TYPOGRAPHY. I think the typography was the most important aspect. So she took it away and created the perfect balance of feminine and modern. We picked out our paper at a local paper warehouse and sent everything over to a local printer (keeping it local helps cut costs too!).

As for assembly, we had so much fun putting our invitation suites together. We assembled the envelopes by adding the colored liners then cut the colored cardstock into strips to make a "belly band" to be wrapped with bakers twine around the invitation and reply post card. We then punched out the logo with a bracket shaped cutter and glued it to the belly band. After the suite was assembled we stuffed the envelopes and added a pink bracket label to the front where we printed the guest's address and stamped our return address to the back flap of the envelope. Finally, and I think my favorite element to the invite was the wax seal. This was the actual Coulomb family crest. We used the actual stamp that has been in his family for over 100 years!  

I absolutely loved my stationery and wedding website. A huge thanks to my sister for pulling it all together and making everything cohesive. "


Designer | Kelsey Ibarrientos,, Facebook Page

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From Kelsey:

"Designing for a wedding is a daunting task, only because the small details are what makes the wedding special. It's extremely easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about the list of things that need to be designed: invitations, programs, signs, websites, thank you cards, and menus. But it isn't. Really the hardest part is the initial process of picking the perfect logo and invitation that encompasses the couple and what their love is about. This is crucial -- the colors, inspiration, imagery, and typography must all work together in order to portray the couple perfectly. Everything else from here falls into place (with a couple of stressful moments, of course).

For my sister's design, she was inspired by structured vintage typefaces mixed with delicate colors and textures. After many attempts, we both sat with a simple logo, that would work well on many different mediums, and used the same concepts within the invitation by mixing vintage with modern and masculinity with femininity. From these two pieces, the rest of the design elements tended to fall into place.

For printing, there are infinite possibilities -- letterpress, hand done, illustrated, digital, local printers, outsourcing, etc. However, keeping with the "DIY" theme as much as possible, we decided to have a local printer (Uptown Color, RVA) to do the printing. This eliminates the hassle and stress of printing at home for large jobs (programs and invitations). We also used a local paper warehouse to pick the perfect color, texture, and weight of paper (XPedx, RVA). All in all, its really easy to do your own design if you have enough time, and research all of your options."

And check out their custom wedding day website! I was floored when I saw they had this :)