Julia & AJ | Hollywood, MD Wedding Photographer

Magnolias. I've always known I had a love for the scent of a magnolia tree. They're just so beautiful and fragrant; not to mention the huge blooms scattered on the trees. Upon arrival at the venue, Joel and I stepped into the reception tent to take a look around. I remember immediately stopping in my tracks just to take a deep breath in. Magnolias!! The entire tent was filled with the fragrance of magnolias! Julia had used them in her centerpieces! Oh my goodness. My nose was in heaven :)

Julia and AJ got married in Hollywood, Maryland at Sotterly Plantation. The ceremony was held in the gardens, and it really couldn't have been more beautiful. The wedding from beginning to end was timeless and classic. And that's exactly how I'd describe Julia and AJ :)

And because I'm a Glee nerd, I just wanted to mention that they used the Glee Cast version of "Songbird" for their first dance as husband and wife. Yes and yesss :)

Julia and AJ, thank you so much for letting Joel and I come and capture your wedding day! Hope you both enjoyed your Parisian honeymoon! And now, for your wedding photos. Enjoy you two!

Saw this next book laying on the coffee table and thought it was so appropriate! Julia and AJ honeymooned in Paris :)

Julia and AJ opted to do a first sight before the ceremony, and I'm so glad they did! Not to be biased, but first sights are my favorite; they're just so jam packed with emotion! Don't even get me started :)

Julia's flowers were bold and beautiful; and adorned with her mother's locket.

My view:

Now check out Joel's view...don't tell him, but he totally wins :)

I pulled this guest out of the crowd simply for his amazing Southern duds :)

Check out this beauty. 

Julia was telling me about her earrings on the way back to the reception...the earrings are actually replicas of what Pocahontas wore. The significance here is that Julia's family tree traces back to her. How neat is that?! 

I love when couples do a birdseed exit...it's just so classic. 

And because the birdseed exit holds a special place in my heart, we thought it only appropriate to use it for the ring shot.