Lisa | Bridal

She's MAAAAAAARRIED!!! GAH!! Lisa married her best friend a couple weeks ago, and I'm beyond thrilled to be able to share her beautiful bridal session with the world! Oh my goodness, I love this girl, and her sweet sweet mom. We first met for a consult last May, and upon first meeting, I felt like we just clicked! Throughout the meeting, I just remember thinking in my head, "pleeeeease pick me, you guys are too much fun! please please pleeeeeease!" And as it turns out, they signed on the spot! WOOOO!!! A couple weeks later, we shot their beyond fun engagement session (Scrabble and a car wash?! YES!), and then I couldn't wait to shoot them again! Fast forward a year later, and we're doing her bridals! Lisa made for such a beautiful bride. Her dress, her hair, her attitude, her smile....she was so ready to be David's wife. And now she is! 

Lisa, it's been a blast getting to know you along the way leading up to the most important day in your life! Thank you for opening up your life to me! You are SUCH an amazing person and David is lucky to have you by his side :) You hear that, David!? You are one lucky dog :)

eeeeeee!!!! hahaha, isn't he presh!?

Lisa and David LOVE playing games together, especially Scrabble. So we just had to do this next photo :) Just wait until I post the wedding photos!