Allyson & Eric | Engagement

Reality of DC traffic really set in for me for the first time as I journeyed up from Fredericksburg into the big city on a Wednesday night for this session. I don't know why it seemed so easy in my head when we were planning it! I mean, I just assumed if I made it up 95N with no traffic, I'd be golden once I got into the city...because, I mean, everyone that works in the city, lives in the city, so why would they be out in traffic? Boy, did I get a wake up call! DC is crazy at 5:30pm! I thought I'd be ok with city driving because I grew up in Houston driving! This was NOTHING like Houston! It was Crazy Town. Haha, at least for this girl! I got honked at so many times, and got stuck in a traffic circle a few times because I couldn't figure out how to get out! Lovely right?! You can imagine all my anxiety. OH! And parking? Hah, that was hard to find, but definitely worked out. Thank GOODNESS! One of these days, DC, I will conquer you. Watch out :)

Once settled into my parking space, I called Allyson to let her know I was walking over. It was so so nice to see a familiar smiling face greet me after all that traffic mess! She is just sweet as can be and I can't wait until her and Eric's wedding this October! eeeee!

For their engagement session, we started out at their home in DuPont Circle, and casually explored the surrounding blocks taking photos here and there :) It was nice to just stroll around the city and get to know Ali and Eric a bit before the big day. Have I mentioned how much I love my job!? Because I do :)

Check out their awesome save the date! I love the illustration SO much! It's so shows their appreciation for uniqueness, shows off their favorite kicks, and captures their city! All in one! I think it's pretty great. So, I took it upon myself during their engagement session that we needed to recreate their save the date photo format :) Sometimes I just get these ideas and can't stop myself until it happens! This one felt like the ring shot from last year when I sat in a puddle in the rain for a photo...This time, it was less wet...I just went home with a few bug bites from rolling around in the grass. Nothing new! haha! Anyways, take a look!