Betty Goes Camping

WARNING: This post is going to make me look more obsessed with my dog than I already am. What can I say!? Joel and I love this little dog! Plus, we don't have kids yet, so she gets all our love and affections! She's practically our kid. I mean, she got a doggy life jacket for camping this year. True story. 

Every year, our church group goes camping out in West Virginia at the end of July. This is my third year to go! What what! My first year, Joel and I were dating and I flew in from Texas for happened to be right before we got engaged :) We go camping in the mountains with this natural lazy river that is as close to the campgrounds as can be. It's pretty great. Everyone brings their tubes and we just float down the river for hours. I can't tell you how long I've been looking forward to this little vaca in the mountains! So much fun :) This trip can be summed up in a few words: Lazy days, s'mores, tubing, games, tasty food, and fellowship. Oh, and Betty.

"Joel! Joel! Come over here and get in this yummy light!!" He's so dreamy :) Even when he's camping. And sidenote to my dad for the AWESOME tent he got us when we got married! It's the BEST!

Every year, there's a group potluck dinner on Saturday night. And it's completely delicious. Every single time :) Here's Dan and Quincy at the potluck!

They brought glow necklaces!! ummm, AWESOME!

Gah! He's so cute! I just love that Joel guy :)

Betty goes to the river!

We are so excited.

The river we visit every year :)

Check her out! Yay Betty!

Ok, so prior to the trip, Betty got a new life jacket. It is the cutest, tiniest little thing! Anyways, days before we went camping, Joel and I would put the life jacket on Betty to try to get her used to wearing it. Well, as soon as it was on her, she'd instantly get stiff and not move. And she'd start to lean to one side! It was hilarious! She'd lean so much she'd have to catch herself! We have no idea why she was leaning, but that's what she did. Fast forward to Friday. We decided to take Betty on a test drive on the river before the big float trip with the whole group on Saturday. She didn't do as well as we hoped...but that life jacket was so nice for Joel and I! It has a handle on her back, so we could pull her right out of the water and into our tubes! We passed her back and forth the whole way down. Once we were in shallow waters, she'd get out and walk around...I know she liked that part at least! But the majority of the trip down the river she just whimpered and whined! Precious little thing :)

Sunday morning: 9am worship service in the woods. Old hymnals, bugs, sunshine, and our whole group all together for worship. Best way to wrap up another fabulous year of camping. 

Group photo!