Jamie Lyn | Portraits

Meet Jamie Lyn. We both went to ACU(holla!) for our undergrad, and will both be in our dear friend Chelsea's wedding this fall! Jamie Lyn is one that can make friends with just about anyone :) She's a world-traveler, singer, painter, and a leader. I remember always seeing Jamie Lyn so involved with projects and opportunites at ACU while we were there...then I'd wonder, "how does she do it all!?" It's because she's pretty much amazing. 

Jamie Lyn owns this incredible organization called Breakthrough Artistry, and I'll let her take it from here. "Breakthrough Artistry is an organization that strives to encourage life-giving art through prophetic paintings, spiritual paintings, and secular paintings. The long-term goal of this organization is to use the proceeds from the artwork to teach children all around the world how to paint for the kingdom of God and supply arts for those locations." How rad is that!? GAH!

Jamie Lyn, I throughly enjoyed getting to know you better and capturing your sweet spirit! I look forward to seeing you again this fall in Kingwood!