Kim & Jeff | Engagement

MMMmmmm....can I just say how much I love sunrise sessions!? I always forget how much I love them until I'm there shooting. Everytime! I mean, the light is gorgeous AND hardly anyone else is out at that hour! Double score. And, you're already up and ready for the day once you're done! The hardest part is peeling your head off the pillow at crazy hours to get ready or make the drive. In the end, it's completely worth it :)

Kim and Jeff met me early one Saturday morning on the docks in Alexandria, VA. Jeff loves boats, and wants to get one soon enough, so it was only appropriate for us to be out on the docks for some of these! 

Kim and Jeff are getting married in October and I just can't wait much longer for it! They have such awesome chemistry together and make my job sooooo easy! I can't wait to shoot them again! GAH! October just get here already! Until then, enjoy their engagement photos!