Lisa & David | Wedding

I've been such a bad blogger this week! I left you all week staring at Betty on the front page! GAH! Haha, well I've been in and out of the office, even made a trip back to Texas for a few days! And let me tell you...IT. WAS. HOT. I'm talking over 100 degrees every single day I was there! I thought we had it bad here in VA...not even close. It was nuts. Enough about the heat...Happy Friday guys! Take a look at Lisa and David's wedding!

Lisa and David are the kind of couple you can hang around and know you're going to have a blast with. I mean, they are just so playful and silly with each other that it becomes infectious! I love it. 

These two tied the knot at Rock Hill Plantation in Stafford, VA with such a joyous ceremony! Watching David watch his bride walk down the aisle was priceless...he just couldn't contain himself! So much excitement! My favorite reaction from a groom! 

Lisa and David, I can't thank you enough for choosing Joel and I to capture your wedding day! We had such a great time witnessing and celebrating such an amazing day in your lives! So now, enjoy reliving your wedding day!

Lisa and David played Scrabble during their engagement session because they love the game, so we just had to have them play a bit on their wedding day!

Love Lisa's parents :)

I'm blogging this part of the reception because I think it's hilarious. David had no idea what he was about to get himself into...he thought he was just being paraded in on his buddies shoulders to then take the garter off Lisa's leg. Well...much to his and everyone else's surprise, David got ICED on his wedding day by two of his best friends!! And the best part?! They used the bride to hide it! If you're unaware of the basic rules of "getting iced," check out this link to find out more :)


Ceremony and Reception  |  Rock Hill Plantation

Hair  |  Set N Trendz Salon

Makeup  |  GoGo Gorgeous

Photography  |  Korie Lynn Photography