Liz & Daniel | Wedding

Quite possibly the sweetest day ever. This wedding was in a league all of it's own...not only was it a beautiful day, had fabulous details, a lovely wedding party, and the most caring family surrounding the couple...but the air was filled with SO much anticipation for this long-awaited day. Talk about the sweetest love story. This day marks the beginning of Liz and Daniel's new life together, as well as the day they both shared their first kiss...ever! How incredible is that!? Ah, doesn't that just make you melt!? When they were announced husband and wife, all cameras and eyes went up as NO ONE wanted to miss it!

I loved this wedding for so many reasons. 1) See above :) 2) Familiar faces! Liz and Daniel are friends with one of my 2010 couples, Marq and Joelle, and go to the same church. They had the same pastor marry them and I was thrilled to see him marry another sweet sweet couple! His ceremonies are the best! Not only does he genuinely know these couples, but he really personalizes everything to them. For Liz and Daniel's wedding, I remember having to stifle myself from busting out laughing for the shear fact that he made a Justin Bieber reference!! DURING THE CEREMONY! haha, it was fabulous. 3) The light! The day was gorgeous, and the timing of everything couldn't have been better. Even the light inside the barn was so me, you'll see what I'm talking about in a bit! 4) The details! May favorite was a toss up between the stemmed mason jars for the toast and the cupcake display made by Liz's brother. 

Liz and Daniel, many congratulations to you both! Thank you so much for having me there with you on your wedding day to capture all it's beauty. You two are beyond amazing, I hope you know :) So with this, I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day!

Liz had this old key tied around her bouquet on her wedding day. It was a key to her grandmother's secretary desk that she used to always play with as a child. She lived in that house until she was 10, and when she passed, Liz found that key and held on to it. She's had it as a necklace on that chain ever since :)

Love this series :)


This next photo makes me melt. When we were taking these, I had said, "alright guys, look here and relax..." Daniel had it down, but Liz just couldn't keep her eyes off her new groom! GAH! It was the best :) 

Liz is my kind of bride...I watched her chase chickens for about 20 minutes in her wedding gown, bound and determined to catch one so she could take a photo with it!! It. was. AWESOME. And so worth it :)

This light is what I live for.

Liz's brother made her this killer cupcake display! I just loved it so much! Great use of tree slices :)

Check out this barn lighting situation...I was so excited!! GORGEOUS!!


Ceremony & Reception  |  Hunt Club Farm

Event Coordinator  |  Nikki Guilbeau

Florist  |  Kim Versage

Caterer  |  Beach Bully BBQ

Photographer  |  Korie Lynn Photography

Videographer  |  LaVoy Harrell