Trish & Hans | Engagement

Oh my sweet goodness, I think it's love :) Am I allowed to be in love with a session?! Is it weird that I want to print them and hang them all over my house?! haha, ok, I guess that's what the office is for :) But seriously, the couple, their killer style, their story, the locations, the interactions, the ease they had with each other, the lighting! GAH! THE LIGHTING! I wish I could just snatch up the lighting from this day and keep in a jar and take it with me EVERYTWHERE. It. was. DIVINE. I mean, if I were on that show My Strange Addiction, I'm pretty sure my addiction would be chasing pretty light and convincing people to let me take romantic pictures of them in said light. That's right. I said it....I'm addicted to pretty light :)

And guess what else makes this session awesome? THEY ARE BOTH FROM TEXAS. And their wedding this October is going to have more TEXANS in attendance!! It's going to be Heaven for me! I'm going to say YA'LL way too much and maybe even wear boots! haha, kidding on the boots, but really...I can't wait. 

Trish and Hans are pretty much the bees knees. They met at a concert. Love record stores, good music, and all things vintage. They currently hail from DC. They love bicycling in the city. And they're head over heels for each other. 

So check them out. Leave them some love. And enjoy their engagement photos!

LOVE this next series...who remembers doing this?! AIRPLAAAANE!!