My Niece is 5

My niece is 5! My sister-in-law, Danea, planned the entire event and worked on the details for the party for weeks. Almost everything you see was either handmade or homemade, even down to Brea's birthday ensemble. The theme of the party was a whimsical tea party under the trees. Unbeknownst to Brea, the tea party theme stemmed from a gift she was going to be given from one of her grandmothers; a tea set. Each year after her 5th birthday, her grandmother will be giving her a cup and saucer to add to her collection. By the time she's 18, she'll have the tea set she received when she was 5, plus 12 unique cups and saucers to accompany it. 
The details for this event were insane. Leave it my my crafty sister-in-law. She's AMAZING when it comes to things like this. The activities for the party included "having tea" (aka, pink lemonade and sugar cubes for the kiddos), playing croquet, and customizing hats for the party. To customize the hats, the kids used ribbon, jewels and stickers. It was such a hit too! They loved it. 
Also, On To Baby graciously featured Brea's party on their blog this morning! Yay! So go check it out! Hope it inspired you! 
Cupcake pies?! Are you kidding me!? AHHHH-mazing.

GAH! Aren't they cuties?!