Laura & James | Engagement

EEEEEE!!! It's the Friday before a long weekend! Aaaaand, I've got one of my new favorite sessions to share with you! Meet the ever-so-in-love Laura and James. They hail from Richmond, VA where they both work for a news station! In fact, that's where they met :) Anyways, what makes this session so sweet?! They do. BOOM! Every session is unique in it's own way, as is every couple, but ten minutes into the session I noticed something I've only noticed one other time during a session...the way James would touch Laura. It was just gentle as could be and he did it the entire time. It was a silent way of just saying, "I love you, I've got you taken care of." GAH! SWEETEST THING EVER. Major points to you, James, and Laura?! You've got such a special guy!

We met in Carytown for the first part of their session, then ventured down to her grandfather's chicken farm in Chesterfield, VA. As you will soon see, that was my favorite part of the session :) The light in the hayfield was a DREAM! So warm and yummy :)

Laura and James, thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me! I loved getting to know you both, and I'm looking forward to your wedding next summer SOO MUCH! Until then, enjoy your engagement photos!

And of course their favorite baseball teams are rivals :)

The next shot on the left, I know I've seen it done somewhere else, but it's escaping me where! Maybe Pinterest?! Who knows :) Wherever the inspiration came from, THANK YOU!!

CHICKENSSSS!!! BAAHHAHAHA, I've never seen so many! :)

And just a few from our time strolling around Carytown.