Recent Features

So so excited and honored to have my work featured on these lovely blogs lately! I couldn't be more tickled about it! Thanks a million to On To Baby, United With Love, Hi-Fi Weddings, and Lieschen and Ruth! You guys are the best!

This morning I received an email from On To Baby stating that my niece's 5th birthday party was being featured today! Best way to start a Monday :) I haven't posted those photos on my blog yet, so if you want to see, check out On To Baby!

While I was in TX a few weeks ago, the wonderful ladies over at United With Love featured my DIY Milkglass tutorial! Check it's suuuuper easy :)

My favorite music inspired wedding blog did a Meet the Vendor post on me! GAH! Ashley over at Hi Fi Weddings is the best! I did the the interview for the post last summer, and I just find it hilarious to see how I answered everything then vs. how I'd answer it now. It's funny how you change THAT fast!

Nadine of Lieschen and Ruth contacted me about refeaturing our tea time brunch shoot on her lovely blog based in Germany! A few months ago, she started the first vintage china for hire in Germany, and she's looking to give her clients inspiration and ideas for vintage events. Thanks so much, Nadine!! Makes me wish I could read German so I could read your lovely post!

Nadine also featured our inspiration board!

So so blessed to have my work featured on such wonderful blogs as of late! Thank you all a million!! :)