Toni & Kevin | Engagement

It all started with a couple kindergarteners and some leprechaun traps. I kid you not. These two have the sweetest photo of the two of them in kindergarten holding up their leprechaun traps proudly on St. Patrick's Day. KINDERGARTEN LOVE!!! Ahhhh! Anyways, it's so cute that we're pulling out that photo at the wedding! Maybe they should make new leprechaun traps for the wedding?! HAH! How funny would that be?! Oh please do this guys :)

Toni and Kevin met me in Fredericksburg for an evening session a few weeks ago, and it was SO so full of joy! Seeing Toni at her happiest around her best friend just makes my heart flutter. Just look at their photos! Talk about smitten. She is soooo the smitten kitten (Friends, anyone?! Phoebe!? Come on, please tell me you know that line!). GAH, I love love. 

Toni and Kevin are getting married next May, and I'm thrilled to be there to capture it! Bring on the leprechaun traps!! hahaha

Toni does this's the cutest thing ever...Kevin is much taller than Toni, and when she's near Kevin, she'll put her head on his shoulder and kiss it. It's her thing! Ah, love it. And I'm pretty sure Kevin loves it too :)