Hurricane Irene Wedding

I don't think I've heard more excitement at a wedding reception than I did when the power came back on. It was like everyone's favorite football team won the superbowl x 1,000. It was insane! GAH! Probably my favorite moment of the just summed it all up into one huge moment of relief. And for that, Hurricane Irene, we thank you. (If you know where this phrase is from, comment below! I'll just be impressed!)

I'd say, if you can re-plan a wedding in just a few short days, and get married during a hurricane, you are ready to handle anything life throws your way. This is exactly what Travis and Diana did. Their outdoor wedding got moved indoors to Diana's home church...she told me, "Maybe this is just God's way of telling me He wanted me to get married in the church!" With the help of some amazing friends and family, they were able to get married the same day Hurricane Irene happened to roll into town. 

And did I mention the power in the church went out right before the ceremony?! Because it did. Of course it did. Thank the Good Lord for those amazingly HUGE windows in the church! They lit the space right up for me :)

Travis and Diana, what a day! Major congratulations goes to you two! To a day you, and no one else, will ever forget! Take a look.

The officiant had to use a flashlight for the ceremony :)

Love this shot of Diana and her dad. They were just singing along to the music!

Since it poured all day, it only felt appropriate to immerse their rings in the rain :)