Diana & Travis | After Session

Sooooo, remember that odd week Virginia had the earthquake AND Hurricane Irene within days of each other? Well, Travis and Diana got married that weekend! That wet wet windy weekend. Diana is a planner, and had been planning and looking forward to having a beautiful outdoor wedding at a local venue when plans changed and moved everything indoors. She'd been hoping for those sunny, warm, lovey-dovey photos you get outdoors for her wedding! Well, since there was no way the sun was going to pop it's head through the thick clouds that day, we scheduled an after session! YAAAY!! I'm totally biased for after sessions. I love them and SOOO wish more couples did them! Having portraits done when you've been married just a few weeks or even for a couple years is such a special time to have your relationship captured. Overabundance of joy and excitement to FINALLY be married and be together! Marriage is the best. Have I mentioned that?! BEING MARRIED IS AWESOME!! AHHHHHHH!!! hahahaha

Travis and Diana are such loving, trusting people not only to each other, but to those around them. This is the 3rd time I've photographed them, and I just adore my time with them so much! Speaking of trusting, um, let me just say... they trusted me 100% with this session, especially the location!! 

Diana: "So where's this location?"

Me: "Well, it's in Richmond...I'll have to look it up, but all I remember is that it's a vacant lot across from the church cemetery."

Diana: "Sounds great! Just let us know how to get there!"

I got them directions, and sure enough, it worked out perfectly! We did the entire session in said lot, and it was a dream to work in. If I had passed by that lot a few years ago before I started shooting, I would have thought it was just a nasty old lot, nothing special. But now being a photographer, it's SUCH a special little hidden spot! 

Travis and Diana, thank you again for letting me into your lives to capture your love for each other! You guys are incredible, and I can't wait to see you start a little family one day! Enjoy the photos!

Diana had this sweet wedding sign made for their wedding, and had it posted in the ground outside the church. Well, thanks to the hurricane, everyone came into the church a different way so they didn't see it! So, we made sure to give it the star treatment during the session :)

Love Diana's "T!" It looks like a giant typewriter key, doesn't it?