Our Big Announcement

To your first assumption...No. We're not pregnant.

I can't begin to tell you how much Joel and I have to be thankful for in our lives! And we're really feeling it lately. You know that feeling when you just can't stop smiling, and you don't think things could get any better...but then they do?! Again and again and again?! Well, that's us right now :) We just feel this overabundance of love, and joy, and blessings, and it's a time of celebration in our household! 

Joel and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this past Sunday! It was such a nice day to get to reflect on where we are today and just hang out together without any other agendas to tend to. We planned on going apple picking in Charlottesville, but it was a nasty wet day, so we opted for plan B. Can you imagine picking apples in the mud?! And pulling them from a tree to then get drenched by the water that was on the leaves in the tree?! Soaked. Gross. Hah! So we stayed local this year :) I'm so proud and thankful to have Joel by my side. He keeps me sane when I get these crazy ideas in my head, and he makes me laugh...constantly! I'm so glad he can do that :) And he takes care of me like I never imagined possible. My heart just swells when I think of him! Mushy, mushy, I know, but he's mine and I'm thrilled :) I love you, honey. 

We have such amazing families. Joel's parents have done so much for us since we've been here in Fredericksburg, and I'm so thankful that I've gotten to know them the way I have. Talk about huge blessing. Not everyone can say they love their in-laws and are close with them. I consider it a HUGE blessing to have them in my life! Love you guys! Then there's my parents. They've been uber supportive of Joel and I from day 1. Even when they had to say goodbye to their little girl as she moved across the country to live with her husband. Yep. They've been amazing. It always makes it extra special when I get to see them living so far away! I just cherish my time with them even more...that's what distance will do for you! Love ya'll so much :)

Whether you know it or not, everyone that I've met since I've been here in VA has been incredible! And I'm thankful for each and every one of you!! For real. From the friends we've made at church, the gracious couples who trust me to capture their wedding, to the clients who became friends and hang out with us on a regular basis! You know who you are, and I love you times a MILLION! I just want you all to know you're awesome. You deserve to know that :)

Aaaaand, I'm also super excited about the new look of Korie Lynn Photography that will be surfacing in the next couple months! Eeeee! Hello shiny new branding! So so thankful to be able to do this with one heck of a designer :)

So what's the news? Scroll down a bit...

Wait for it....wait for it.....

Joining the circus!! TA DAAAA!!! Kidding, kidding...keep going :)

Here goes!!

Yep! Cat's out of the bag! We're moving! AHHH!!!

Like I said earlier, I couldn't be MORE proud of Joel! He applied for a job that started with 1200 applicants...then they narrowed it down to 200...then down to 75...then down to 45. And my Joel is in that 45!! He got the job! And not just any job....one AMAZING job!!

Aaaaand, we might have just signed a contract on a house there! Still can't believe we did that!! It's just precious and oh so perfect for us. It even has trees!! That was a huge seller for us since we're leaving all the trees in VA. And the best part?! We got to sign on our anniversary :) 

Where, you ask?

Houston, TX baby :)

So what's this mean for the business? Not a thing will be changing :) HOORAY! The only thing different will be my address. Instead of residing in Fredericksburg, VA, I'll be in Houston, TX. I will continue to accept weddings and sessions up here, because frankly, I LOVE IT HERE!! The people, the seasons, the venues, the vendors....everything. So forget saying your 'goodbyes' to me! VA isn't getting rid of me :) And it's easy for me to continue this because my in-laws live here! Hello place to stay! And current clients!? Don't you worry about a thing, you'll be well taken care of....trust me :)

When are you moving? We're moving our belongings October 24th. Oddly enough, we already planned to be in TX that week for a wedding in TX! Funny how that works out. Anyways, I'll be back doing sessions and weddings right after that trip, so, like I said, I'M NOT OUT OF HERE JUST YET! haha 

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about making this announcement! I don't know why! I'm beyond excited for everything, I mean, BEYOND! And I DEFINITELY plan on continuing to document love stories here. I'm actually hoping it will open more doors for traveling nationally for weddings. This is one of the few jobs that hometown doesn't make much of a difference, and I'm so so thankful for that! We can live anywhere! Here's to opening new doors!

So there! It's out! Ahhhhhh :)

Here's to new adventures with my favorite person in the world. I love you, Joel, and I couldn't be more excited to get Betty a yard of her very own with you :)

Big thanks to my friend, Rachel, for the impromptu photo session! Of course we had to do a session to announce something like this...I'm a photographer! What'd you expect!?