Tablescape Inspiration

Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbor?! I am so so blessed to have had this office space RIGHT next to Jane's! We've been wanting to do a little shoot together for a while now, and we finally made it happen! I wanted to show off her amazing talent as a florist (she's such a find!), and also show a few DIY ideas for my brides. This post is all eye candy and meant to spark ideas for future weddings! So I hope you enjoy!

Jane's centerpiece was created in an old ice cream bucket! Ummm, LOVE that! My favorite part in her arrangement were the figs. Hellloooooo fall :)

We used lots of different vessels, jars, and glassware to fill up the tablescape and add dimension. 

Each place setting was made from gobs of layers. First the tree slice, then a gold charger, then a lace doily, then a clear glass dinner plate so you could see it all! Layers are super easy, and a great way to add depth to the table. 

The place settings were marked by the guests' dessert; candy apples! I just added the little flags to each stick with washi tape that matched the table runner. Easy? Yes. And the flags were stamped accordingly using an alphabet stamp set. 

The silverware idea? Definitely found that on Pinterest :) I bought cheap silverware from Wal-Mart and spray painted the ends of them! If you're going to spray paint metal, go ahead and spray hairspray on first, then your color. It helps the paint stick. 

The dinner menu was just a simple plaque from Hobby Lobby that I painted. The customization really added to the table's decor. It's all the little things. 

Apple butter favors! The apple butter favors were simple, yet so charming! I think the little display box is my favorite part of them. We just tied scrap fabric from the runner around the lids of the jars to coordinate them with the table setting. Voila!

And my absolute favorite DIY of the day was the table number. I saw something like this on Etsy and convinced myself to try it one night. Four hours later I made one table number. ONE! haha, more on that when you scroll down. 

I just ADORED the old ice cream bucket Jane used for the centerpiece!

This is my favorite little DIY detail from the shoot...the table number! It was a labor of love, but I just adore how it turned out! I want to do this same technique on a plaque with our new address number, or our last name. Not sure which yet :) Anyways, it was super cheap, and a super easy concept. Just time consuming. Basically, I printed out the number to the size I wanted, laid it on top of my plaque, and carefully marked the outline of it with nail indentations into the wood. When I removed the paper, I could see my marks and new just where to put the nail holes. I spaced out the nails just enough so I could comfortably wrap wire around each one. I used an entire 24 yard spool of wire for just this number. Crazy right?! That's why I'm saying it's a labor of love!

Please ignore my sweatiness, lack of makeup, and humid hair! Can't believe I'm posting this photo! Whatever. It's my blog. And I'm going to miss my sweet neighbor, Jane :)

Jane, thank you SO much for sharing your gift with me! You are such a gem, and I absolutely loved working on this project with you!