Amanda & Raul | Lifestyle

Amanda and Raul are 2 of Joel and I's dear friends we made while we lived in Virginia. We miss them so very much and are trying to convince them they need to move to TX! But that's another story :) When I look at these 2, I can't help but be reminded of how incredibly awesome God is, and how He puts people in our lives right when we need it most. Here's the story. Joel and I had just gotten married and moved to Virginia, and knew his parents and a couple of old friends Joel had from high school...thaaaat's it. I was in dire need of some friends and felt like I left all the ones I had in TX! Well, I had also just launched my business in Fredericksburg and decided to do a local bridal show. Guess who shows up at the show? None other than engaged Amanda and Raul. Yep. I was holding a drawing for 3 couples to win sessions after the show, and guess who's name was one of them? You guessed it, Amanda and Raul! We did their session, and long story short, decided we should be friends. So it all started with one little bridal show :) I never would have imagined that! 

Amanda and Raul just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary in October, so we decided to do a little mini sesh to get some updated photos of them while I was in town a couple weeks ago. Aaaand some Christmas card photos (those will be posted later...just wait :) ). On the way to our location, we stumbled upon this little gem of a spot! It was the framework of what looked like an old greenhouse with lots of overgrown grass. Um hellooooo?! DONE. We nixed the first idea and shot here. So so happy we did! 

Alright guys, get your butts to TX soon. At least for a visit :) We miss you.