Baby Elliott | Newborn

Those of you who know me, know this is a rare session for me to shoot. When I used to get inquiries for them, I'd ALWAYS refer them out because babies make me SO nervous!! We don't have kids yet, and I haven't been around babies nearly enough to be comfortable around them. The thought of even holding them scares me! What am I going to do when we have KIDS?! AHHH!!! That's another adventure down the line we'll have to figure out. Way way down the line. 

When I first heard Jannah and Joe were pregnant, I just knew this baby was going to be incredibly loved. And she is :) Just wait til you see the details in her nursery. When I got an email from sweet Jannah about shooting Elliott's newborn photos, I squealed! I was excited, and immediately nervous. ME?! SHOOTING HER NEWBORN PHOTOS?! Oh my sweet goodness, get it together, Korie, you can do this. Well, guess what happened??

I loved it.

And that scares me a little bit. In the good way :)

Jannah and Joe, thank you so much for having me in your home to photograph such an amazingly special time in your family's lives! And for trusting me with it. I enjoyed every minutes of it. Jannah, in those few short hours, you've shown me how amazing it is to be a new mother, and I thank you for that :) Hope you enjoy the photos!

Look at the sweet bird house mobile Joe made for his daughter! I'm obsessed with it! 

Jannah made these incredible silhouettes to hang in Elliott's nursery of all her family. Above her crib are her parents and both sets of grandparents. Above her green dresser are all of Elliott's aunts and uncles. I adore this concept so so much :)


Beautiful nursery, isn't it?! It's so airy and soft, mmmmm :)

And we can't forget Hugo, their first child :)