Chelsea & Ben | Wedding

This wasn't just any wedding, this was one of my very best friends' weddings! World wide web, prepare yourselves to meet none other than Mr. and Mrs. Chelsea...I mean, Gonzalez :) They tied the knot in our hometown church of Kingwood Church of Christ with Bob there to marry them(he married Joel and I too, so it was special seeing him marry Chelsea and Ben!). The day was perfect, everything I know Chelsea wanted in her wedding day. And I'm so thrilled to have been there to watch and support her as she married her best friend! 

I can't help but be reminded how much of a blessing it is to have a job like this! I mean, really? I get to photograph some of the most important events in people's lives, but now I get to do it for those I cherish so much!? Million x win. Chelsea and Ben, it was an honor and a pleasure to capture this day for you guys. We love you so very much. Enjoy your wedding photos!

Her mother's jewelry she wore.

MARRIEEEEDD!! And a high five for dad :)

I loved how the different shades of purple looked together! Thank you, Chelsea, for being the sweetest bride ever and letting us pick out our own purple dresses! Especially after some of us made others wear short gold lace dresses...not naming any names, but...*guilty!* haha

Chelsea-1, Ben-0 hahaha

Karen, this one's for you :)