Our New House

I can hardly believe we just moved into our first house together! GAH! Even though it's only been a few days, I'm still walking around it wondering whose house I'm visiting for the time being. It's weird. I'm sure that'll wear off soon :) But here it is! As soon as Joel got the job, I had this house picked out already since I'd been closely watching EVERY house on the market in the area since he started applying! Since we were still in Virginia at the time, we had my dad go walk through the house and take photos the very next day after Joel got the job! My dad, being the amazing guy he is, made us a little website with hundreds of photos from every angle you could imagine...just so we could SEE the house without being there! Well, within days of that, we put a contract down and BOOM. A month and a half later we're in. Home sweet home!

Our criteria for choosing a home was simple; Joel wanted trees, and I wanted those criss-cross windows that look like a gingerbread house! The windows are what did it for me! I love them! Kind of obsessed actually. My office will be in one of the front rooms with those windows, and I can hardly stand waiting to decorate it! We're planning on doing one wall in there out of the wood from pallets. Let's hope that comes to life soon! *hint hint Joel!* 

For those of you wondering, Betty is LOVING it here. See those big windows on the front?! Well, she'll go back and forth for HOURS watching the squirrels taunt her out the windows. It's hilarious! Aaaaand, she gets to chase said squirrels in the backyard! She has her own backyard now and she's quite the little protector of it! On another note, we think she's become a digger. More on that later.

Also, we JUST got internet and I couldn't be more thrilled to have it back! I have so much to blog and update! And lots to catch up on email. So if you've emailed me and haven't heard back yet, I'll be in touch with you within the next couple days. I'll be taking off Thanksgiving, but other than that, we are back up and running! WOOHOO!! I thank you for your patience as we've been moving and getting settled!

I am so thankful for everything that's come our way the past few months. I still am in shock all this actually happened! And talk about great timing! About to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! And I get to start out by DECORATING the house for Christmas?! SCORE! I'll have more photos coming as soon as these pesky boxes get unpacked and leave! But for now, enjoy the little iPhone photo of the house!