2011 Behind the Scenes

I am having to repost this because of a technical GOOF. I stayed up way too late last night, and decided I needed to clean up my squarespace account using my phone's app...mistake number 1. I wanted to just delete all the drafts that never turned into posts, and somehow I deleted this little gem! So here I am, attempting to post it like the original. Just know, it went a little something like this; "I finally get to post these photos I've been collecting for a year! I've had a little folder on my desktop just waiting to be used named Joel and Korie SHOOTING! The day has come. Yes, they are less than professional photos of the two of us, but you'll get a glimpse into our behind the scenes work at a wedding. I love seeing other photographers post their outtakes from the year, so it's time we do the same! Enjoy, friends!"

I found thug Joel in the gardens.

That awkward mouth was plastered to my face every time a camera was pointed in my direction that day. Oh boy.

CREEPER ATTACK!This image is precisely why I'm not a winker. Seeeexy right?! 

Come on, Joel! Get in there so I can test the light! And this is what he gives me....

The whole time this was happening, this was going on in my head, "Korie, you are a tall, confident photographer...you are TALL! Taller than all these SUPER TALL military guys!" What can I say, I tried :)

"Joel, let's find a place for the first sight!!" I'm pretty sure he was more excited than anyone else within a five block radius :) Thanks for your continuing enthusiam, sweetheart! That's why I love you!

Who wouldn't want to dance with this!?

Look who I found in the corner with a cupcake!? I'll give you one guess....

My favorite outtakes all came from the same wedding...can you beat a cuddly goat?! Didn't think so! Look at him! GAH! I want him in my backyard.

This is exactly how all location scouting photos are done :)

Ijust got done doing an intense tap dance routine for Joel during dinner at a wedding. FALSE: I have no idea what I was doing, but by the looks of it I was having a good time!

Joel's church family photo! Complete with cross coming out of his head.

That hand?! What is that!? I'm thinking we were talking about how we're going to drop it like it's hot at the reception. Which is more than likely ;) BOOM!

It's not time for a bath, Joel, WE'RE WORKING! HELLO!!

Oh Starbucks Doubleshots, thank you for being part of our lives...especially during those double wedding weekends this year.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Um, he's super cute and super fun to shoot weddings with. I love this guy! Wouldn't you!?

He was so excited for dinner that night! I was too, FAMOUS DAVE'S catered it! You'd be this excited too, PROMISE :)

My pretend mad face came out on this one....one of my cameras had just taken a pretty nasty hit and I'm trying my best not to be ACTUALLY mad...so pretend mad face came out. Boy, it's intimidating, isn't it!? 

There he goes again being all cute and stuff!

Just chatting it up with the guests...I think he wants a high five.

I can't tell you how many photos I have of Joel making THIS FACE. Gobs, just gobs. So I had to throw one in there.

Here's to a fabulous year of shooting with my sweetie! Loved every minute of it, hun!

And for the grand finale...I'm probably going to regret posting this one, but here goes. I learned after running in this dress and exposing my rear to DC that bouncy dresses with stretchy fabric were indeed NOT made for running! Go figure. Thanks for the capture, Joel.