Karly & Alex | Engagement

We kept it casual for this session. Or should I say, "caassge"!? I can't spell that worth a darn, but Karly and Alex kept saying it throughout the session, and I found myself saying it for the next week after that! It's short for casual. CAAASSGE. I felt ten times cooler all week using my new phrase :) haha

Karly and Alex reside in New Jersey, and made the trip down to Williamsburg the days leading up to their wedding. All along the way, they made stops to take care of wedding things, and Fredericksburg was one of those stops along the way! YAY! We walked around quaint little downtown Fredericksburg (miss you!), then made our way over to one of the battlefields for some of that VA fall action. It's too pretty not to!

Karly and Alex, thank you for making the 'burg one of your stops heading down to Williamsburg! Your wedding photos are up next! For now, enjoy your engagements!

Karly brought this cute little stool along for the session to play with their height difference. It was originally for her, but Alex standing on it is just hilarious :)

Karly comes from a family of furriers up in PA. Love these shots of her wearing her grandmother's fur coat.