Kelsey & Jared | Anniversary

Yes, yes, and yes! Was my answer to Kelsey's first email inquiring about this session. I had met her at Andrew and Amelia's wedding on Memorial Day, and she was such a joy to work with! She was Amelia's day-of-coordinator/bff. Let me just say, those two girls put together work some serious magic, and I cannot WAIT to see what they do for Jennie's wedding next weekend! EEEEE!

Kelsey and Jared's session was originally planned for early July, but that's when I was sicker than a dog for weeks, so we ended up rescheduling for the fall. I'm SO GLAD WE DID! The weather was perfect, the trees were crisp and gorgeous, and not to mention, Kelsey and Jared got married last fall. Everything was just so fitting! Aaaand, we didn't have to deal with that nasty summer heat the whole time :) AMEN! 

If you know Kelsey and Jared, you know they have a special kind of love. The kind that looks like it's straight from the MOOOOOVIES! But folks, it's real :) They are genuinely smitten with each other. They make each other laugh constantly. They share those knowing "I love you" glances they think are done secretly. They support each other. And they strengthen each other. They are Kelsey and Jared. Yep. That's them! Enjoy!