2011 Favorites | Black and White

As a person who LOVES COLOR, sometimes I find it so hard to switch things over to black and white. However, some images just beg to have their colors stripped and become stronger for it. It also forces you to see what's going on in the image. The subtlest gestures sometimes get lost among beautiful color, but when done in BW, it can really point your eye to the reason for the photo in the first place :)

What makes an image have a stronger impact in black and white? Well, it goes back to some of the principles of art and design. I remember studying these in college thinking, "when am I EVER going to need this?!" Hah! Can't believe I even thought that. I use these concepts DAILY. My favorites include movement, texture, repetition, contrast, and perspective. Another quality I find to have a stronger impact in black and white is emotion. 

On another note, when I pulled these images, I realized I finally had consistency in my processing for black and whites for an entire year! BOOOOOOM YAAAA'LL!! haha. I'm so pleased with that. It takes forever to find what you like the most when processing, so having the black and whites nailed down makes me SO HAPPY! 

So friends, here are my favorite black and white images from 2011! Enjoy!

For instance, in the below photo, the stair railing in the original photo is RED. Talk about a distraction! But done in BW, it's all about the perspective and lines! One of my all time favorites.

This is one of those images that's strong in both color and black and white. The texture in this image makes it great in BW. The yellow flowers in the color photo give it that whimsical nature!

< span>Even details can be striking in black and white!