Let me tell you. It feels soooo good to be home :)

I just returned from my first WPPI Conference in Vegas, and I admit, I'm feeling supercharged for the business, the upcoming wedding season, and lots of future big dreams! I roomed with 3 lovely ladies from Virginia, all first-timers, and it was so amazing to be able to share this new experience with them. I went into the whole thing with a pretty casual mindset and left feeling blown away. I did some serious note-taking during the platform classes and made a HUGE to-do list on the plane ride home just reviewing the notes. EEEE! 

While I was there, I solidified my album company choice (yay!), met up with a friend I hadn't seen in about 12 years who lives in Vegas, lost $30 to video poker (that one's for you, Emmy!), rode in a stretch F-650 to dinner (no big deal, hah!), and sat in on an intimate group FAQ with non other but Jose Villa himself. AWWWWEsome! 

Would I do it all again?


And next time I'm bringing Joel :)

I decided to Instax and Instagram the entire trip instead of lugging my big camera around everywhere :) Two of the photos are from friends that posted what we were up to at the time, so I wanted to include those too! Enjoy!