If you know me, you may know how much I love pancakes... If we're out somewhere and they serve pancakes as an option, you best bet I'm going to get them! Oh yes. And I'm pretty sure pancakes can put anyone in a good mood :) Am I right?! 

When I was a little girl, I have the fondest of memories sitting on the counter in our kitchen, gobbling down pancakes as soon as they came off the griddle...I'm talking burn your little fingers HOT. And so worth it. My dad would sit there making pancakes for us, while I watched and "taste tested" almost every batch :) When they first came off the griddle, he'd butter them while they were hot...and then I'd eat them! Sans syrup. Still my favorite way to eat those fluffy little cakes to this day. That's right, no syrup for me. Unless I'm at Ihop...or Cracker Barrel....or brunch and I have to wear my fancy pants. Anyways, I have my dad to thank for this love affair with pancakes!

With that being said, Joel is fully prepared to have pancake mornings with our future mini-me's so they, too, can eat warm, buttery, fluffy pancakes straight off the griddle....

With no syrup.