Guest Books

Here's to making goals happen for 2012! When the new year hit, I wrote my list of goals and dreams for 2012; one of them being to post videos on the blog. I loved the idea of it, but just pushed it aside for a couple months. Well, I figured I should just do it! MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Why not? So here I am. First post of the video series :) And, I started a YouTube Channel so all the videos can hangout together and be friends. So be sure to check back there if you want to see them all together over time. 

On another note, I'll be launching a brand new website with shiny new branding for Korie Lynn Photography this month. It's been in the works for some time, and I couldn't be more excited to finally share it with the world! So if I've been MIA on the blog for a while, I apologize; just know there's lots of great things coming up :)

So, back to the post, the guest book! This is one of my very favorite products I offer, so I wanted to really highlight it here on the blog! I L-O-V-E this option for guest sign in books at weddings. Here's a brief overview of why:

1. Super great format to display your engagement photos while making a guest book that you'll actually look at after the wedding is over. 

2. Simple way to keep all those sweet words from your loved ones all in one place. Think about taking it to your bridal shower, your rehearsal dinner, AND the wedding! 

3. Timeless and simple. I love a good book. Especially a beautiful one that will last the test of time. Nothing about this album says 'trendy' or '2012,' so it'll be something you'll be proud to show your kids and grandkids one day. 

Be sure to watch the video to hear more great things about the guest book option. I didn't want to type it all here since it would defeat the whole purpose of a video post! Pssh. And please disregard the freeze frame image of the video... just push 'play' and get that awkward photo outta here! Cheers, friends!