Amber & Jorge | Engagement

Oh sweet Amber and Jorge. They met during orientation at the University of Houston where they both received a master in business. During orientation week, they were placed in a group together because they had similar personalities, and ended up having some classes together right from the start. Jorge would tell Amber jokes in Economics just to make her laugh...and because he wanted to see that pretty smile of hers. Riiiiight, Jorge!? 

These two love to walk the museum district area of Houston, and after doing so with them, I can see why! Oh, did I mention Amber is a ballerina? Yep, she's definitely a ballerina. Had me swooning the entire time I photographed her. She used to dance when she was younger, then picked it up again 3 or 4 years ago. I'm so glad she did, she's such a gorgeous and graceful dancer! It just fits her so well. *Swoooooon*

And, to make this shoot even sweeter, Amber lived abroad for a while. She lived a year and a half in Paris, and 4 years in the portion of the shoot in front of this church just feels European to me. I've never been, but I like to think it has a similar feel! 

Amber and Jorge, thank you for sharing the morning with me! And introducing me to such mouth-watering burgers at Barnaby's! I cannot tell you enough how much I'm looking forward to your wedding in October!! But for now, enjoy your engagement photos :)

Isn't he sweet?!

I love her ring SO MUCH. so so much :)