Laurel & Ethan | Engagements

For Laurel and Ethan's engagements, we went to a piece of land that belongs to Laurel's family, and just trounced the grounds to our hearts' content. We climbed a fence into the cattle field and frolicked in the perfect weather we were given for the day, then we headed over to the pond where Laurel has fond memories of spending time at when she was a little girl. Seeing images of her with her fiance, Ethan, there together is such a cool way to incorporate her past memories and future married life. Ahhhhh. 

This girl has done her research...she came to the engagement session and I was just blown away by her posing skills! You should have seen her! It was just impressive.

And I've got to add...between Laurel's gorgeous red locks and Ethan's icy blue eyes, I was in photog heaven!

Ethan and Laurel are high school sweethearts and are celebrating their 7 year anniversary of being together on the 1st of June! Ethan works for a moving company and Laurel works in event planning. They are getting married in September, and I can hardly stand it! Get here already! Until then, we'll just let the engagement photos hold you over :P Hope you enjoy!