Paul & Taryn | Engagement

"We got engaged at the zoo!" was what I heard upon first meeting Taryn and Paul :) So naturally, we HAD to do their engagements there! No question about it. Paul proposed to his gal on the paddleboats last fall, so it was awesome to be able to go back there with them!

Our plan was to hit the zoo early one Monday right at the opening. "it's early, what are the chances it'll be crowded? It's a weekday!" EEEHHHHHHH!!! Boy were we wrong. We pulled into the parking lot to see a slew of about 12 yellow school buses and immediately was FIELD TRIP DAY. Oy. As soon as we got in, we made a beeline for the carousel since it was in the back, hoping no one would be there yet. YES!! It was completely free of children. For about 5 minutes, then WHOOOOOOOSH!

Paul and Taryn met through mutual friends about 8 years ago when they first developed a liking for each other and just wanted to be around the other all the time....then it turned into dating, naturally :) And now they're getting married! YIPEE! and I can't wait for your wedding this October! It's going to be beautiful!

Thank you both for spending the morning with me and taking me to the Houston Zoo for the first time! And way to rock the engagement cuddly photos in public! Knew you guys were awesome ;) Hope you enjoy your photos!