Kristen & Rich | Lifestyle

When I got ready to post this session, I marked it as "everyday" since Rich and Kristen were dating....well, things changed fast and THEY'RE ENGAGED!!! Super excited for these two and all the wonderful things in store for them this season! You may recognize Kristen as one of the lovelies from GoGo Gorgeous Makeup Artistry (brides, I can't tell you enough...they are the best at what they do! You need them. Hire them. Boom! Done.). I've known Kristen since living in VA, but had only heard her speak of her man and how amazing he was to being able to see them interact together!? Oh my word, IIIII was behind the camera swooning and tearing up! They have this kind of love that doesn't happen often enough these days...I can't even explain it. But Amanda and Raul, I know you know what I'm talking about! They were there too :) We might have been working on a special little project that will surface one of these days :)

I loved this gem of a session for a few reasons. 1) I was surrounded by some of my favorite people doing what I love, while they do what they love! 2) We shot in about a 10 ft space in the field...we were all spooked by the creepy crawlies, so we stayed put...for an hour. I enjoyed the challenge of needing to lean on interactions and posing versus changing up the location as part of the mix. 3) See paragraph 1....SWOOOOON.

Kristen and Rich, so many warm congratulations to you both! Thanks for being so willing to share your love in front of my camera (and Raul's!) for this project! Hope you enjoy!