Laura | Bridal

This girl here, is SUCH a gem. She has the sweetest personality, best disposition on life, and can make you feel like a million bucks every time you talk to her. She's like a little ball of sunshine, just walking around, keeping it real, and enjoying everything life has in store for her. Let me just say, watching her on her wedding day was so much fun! Seriously. She got tickled at everything! Couldn't stop smiling. And you should have seen her around James. 

But you'll have to wait to see those next week :)

For Laura's bridals, we headed to the Byrd Theater in Richmond, which happens to be one of Laura and James' favorite date spots. We spent the afternoon in all different areas of the theater, even the pitch black theater itself! We were all ready to get out of there...3 women in a dark, eery, old theater together!? Yes, quite ready to get out of there and see some sunlight. 

Laura, I hope you enjoy these! You are a stunning bride!