There's a cat in my house...

Those of you who know me, know I'm NOT A CAT PERSON. Never have been. I'm talking, my best friend and roomate in college brough home a cat and I was not happy I had to live with it for a year. Growing up, my dad told me cats were illegal. Long story there, I'll get into that in another post :) Anyways, my whole family loves dogs. We ARE dog people. The non-shedding type at that. So, when I met Joel and he told me he wanted a cat, I made it very clear then that we'd never get one. That I can't handle cats. 

The shedding.

The clawing.

The scratching.

The hairballs.

The litterbox.

The attitudes.

The cat culture that comes with cat ownership. (Cat people can be C-R-A-Z-Y!...if you're a cat person, I'm sorry, but you know it's true!) 

Did I mention the shedding? Yeah, that's a big one.

Anyhoo, somewhere along the way between watching cute kitten videos on YouTube and Joel always more than hinting that he'd like to have a cat, I caved. We came to a few terms on cat ownership and voila!


Internet, meet Mr. Kitty. Mr. Kitty is actually a she, but we thought it'd be more fun to sign Christmas cards with this, "Love, Joel, Korie, Betty & Mr. Kitty." That's the sole reason she got named that. Hahaha, Joel and I must have been in quite the mood that day, but anyways, that's her name! Sounds like the name of a gender confused cat if you ask me. 

So how's Betty doing? Well, she sure ain't happy. And she let's us know she's not. It's really pitiful. I didn't realize how much she loved being the only animal here, but I know she hates having divided attention now because she wants it ALLLLLLLL. She'll just have to get over it eventually. Mr. Kitty wants to be friends with Betty....and Betty? Not so much. 

And Joel? Joel, well he's over the moon that he finally got a kitty :) The first day he had her, he let her climb on his desk while he played games. Well, the next day, she chewed through the cord to his nice headphones....Needless to say she lost her desk/gaming priveleges. But anyways, Joel is so happy to have a new little critter in the house. His dream is for Betty and Mr. Kitty to be best friends and cuddle all the time. I'm not going to lie, I'd LOVE to see that too! Um, ADORABLE!!! 

Without further adieu, here's Mr. Kitty!

Betty couldn't stand watching me take photos of the cat and not here she is...Can you tell she's not happy?

She's actually quite upset here. Bless her heart!

Betty photobombing Mr. Kitty. She was so proud...and she wouldn't stop doing it!

And I have to post this last's Betty and Mr. Kitty's first photo together...and Mr. Kitty looks pissed. hahahaha