Jodi & Kurt | Lifestyle

The ever-so-sweet Jodi and Kurt came to stay with us last month when they were in town for a wedding here in Houston. I remember getting an email from Jodi saying they would be in the area, and I was so excited to finally meet them. You see, when I lived in Virginia, we'd been in contact and have some of the same friends, but never actually met. So when I heard they were coming to Houston? Oh, total win. For the record, I really did plan on cooking when they came to visit, but somehow, Kurt ALWAYS beat me to the kitchen! And I was totally okay with that. If you've been lucky enough to eat the food he makes FROM SCRATCH, you wouldn't fight him for the kitchen either.

New rule: If you come stay with us here in TX, you have to cook for us. You can thank Kurt for that one.

KIDDING! kidding. 

But seriously. His food was amazing. Joel and I talked about it for weeks. In fact, we ate on some of it for aboooout a week later (best bacon ice cream EVER!). Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! 

If you don't know them already, Jodi and Kurt are an amazing husband and wife photography team hailing from Virginia. A highlight of their stay with us was when they photographed Joel and I with sweet Betty! You can see the photos here . We looooooove them oh so much.

We completely enjoyed having you both stay with us for your trip! The company, the food, playing games with ya'll, learning to fishtail braid my hair (thanks Jodi!), and our session(thank you thank you!!)! When ya'll left, the house seemed so quiet! So hey, if you're ever in Houston again, know you've got a place to hang!