Our Vacation | VSCO & Instagram

Oh vacation. The sweet words Joel and I really want to have in our life more often. Between his work schedule and my work/travel schedule, you can imagine how THRILLED we were to have coinciding time off! We decided to take it easy, and stay fairly local, so we ventured to San Antonio! This place got planted in my mind after having lunch with Amber and Jorge a few months ago. They talked of their recent time in San Antonio and it just gave me the bug to go! The Mexican Market, the River Walk, the good food...sold!

So off we went!

Since I grew up in Texas, I'd always talked Joel's ear off about going to Schlitterbahn. The most magical waterpark that I know of. I'd been going there since I was a little girl, plus, Joel and I saw something about one of the rides on the Travel Channel....Dragon's Revenge....Joel had to go after seeing that! hahaha. So we put it on the to-do list while in San Antonio. We also went to Sea World since we both went as kids. Well, it's not the same when you're all grown up! It's really a place you taaaake your kids and watch them have all the fun. Live and learn, right? But seeing Baby Shamu's debut made it worth it....talk about the cutest thing ever! A baby whale?! COME ON! So cute.

Our trip was very Joel and Korie, to say the least....Joel's idea of a vacation is to play hard, while mine is to relax and not have any responsibility. So, we had 2 relaxing days strolling the River Walk sandwiched between 2 high energy days (Sea World and Schlitterbahn). 

I had the full intention to take my camera around to shoot photos of us on vacation like I do for my clients, but hey, you mix that heavy camera bag with TX heat and lots of walking...not happening! Trust me, I tried one day on the River Walk...no bueno. I resorted to instagramming and using the VSCOcam app on my phone to document the trip. Much much lighter.


Our Highlights of the trip:

1. BRUNCH! We did this twice! Oh my goodness, I love brunch. However, it's usually a weekend activity so I rarely get to do it. You can see why this was such a treat. 

2. MIMOSAS. Also happened during brunch. It's commonly around on wedding days during the getting ready portion and I aaaaalways just want them but can't since I'm working. I don't know, the yummy mix of orange juice and champagne?! So so good. Check!

3. BABY SHAMU! Doesn't need explaining.

4. RIVER WALK. If you live in TX and haven't been there since you were a kid, do yourself a favor and go. Joel and I loved just strolling around :) We'd walk out of our hotel and be right on the River Walk...there's always something going on there. Plus, it's really pretty and has so many yummy places to eat.

5. DRAGON'S REVENGE. Joel's favorite from Schlitterbahn. Come on...uphill themed water coaster with a dragon hologram!? Win win win.

6. MARGARITA THE SIZE OF YOUR FACE. You really should have seen this thing. We ordered it to share and couldn't even finish the thing. It was one of those "when in Rome" kind of situations for sure...so many people had those that we just haaaad to get the megajumbosize. 

7. NAP TIME. Oh yes. We so did. And it. was. AMAZING. Twice.

8. NO SCHEDULE. We both adored this. There's always something to do at home, an email to answer, dishes to wash, etc. We had none of this. It was so refreshing to just walk around and hangout with Joel, especially in a new setting. Oh vacation, please come back soon.


I applaude you if you made it this far in reading this. Wow, I feel like you deserve a hug or something.

Also, this next photo? Yeah. He's so hot, right?!