Becca & Sol | Engagement

Oh man. Someone please take me back to California.

The people, the light, the coast, the attitudes....don't be surprised if Joel and I end up there one day. At least somewhere on the West Coast. It might be one of our life dreams :) That whole much win. 

Meet Becca and Sol. I went to high school with Becca here in Houston, and did a lot with her through our church youth group. I won't even mention some of the things we did together as silly, bored teenagers :P Anyways, when we went away to our separate colleges, I always wondered who the lucky man would be that would get to marry her one day. In comes Sol :)

Becca is free-spirited, laid back, patient, and determined. Sol is highly organized (wait til you see the wedding!), loyal, loves his family, and is quite the match for dear Becca.

Without further adieu, hope you enjoy their sunny California engagements :)