Sunrise First Look

The original plan was to do Becca's bridals that morning. Slight change of plans... They turned it into an SUNRISE FIRST LOOK and Sol came along!! Oh my goodness, you can imagine my giddy reaction when I heard the news. Becca and Sol really wanted those soft, glowy images, but their wedding day timeline didn't allow for it on either end(even with a first look), so they opted for an entire session the day before the wedding!

I was in Heaven.

Heaven, people.

We picked a place for the session, and just went from there. It was easy, relaxed, intimate, sweet. Ah, so much win. After having done this first look session, they changed their wedding day plans and decided not to see each other before the ceremony on the wedding day. So the next day, the first time Sol laid eyes on Becca was when she walked down the aisle to him.

This has got to be my favorite line of wedding events yet. They had all their bride and groom portraits taken care of before the wedding day even began. This made it to where they had so much more time to spend with friends and family after the ceremony concluded! Total win for everyone.

Hope ya'll enjoy!