Our Anniversary | Year 3

Today, Joel and I celebrate 3 years of married life together! 3 YEARS! Not 3 years dating, 3 years of being married! My goodness! Seeing it written makes it seem so long! It sure hasn't felt like 3 years. I remember meeting him for the first time in 2005 in Chili's. Yes, Chili's. His sister is best friends with my best friend's sister, so somehow we all ended up going to eat together upon first arriving in Abilene for college. I kept wondering who this cute guy was at the end of the table, and why Kellie hadn't told me about him....oh....EVER. Thus began the phase of our relationship I'd like to dub "my goofy friend, Joel" years. That's just what I refered to him as for a year and a half. These years included swing dance performances, camping at the lake, trying to make one of our friends FLY using a bed sheet and a jeep (not our brightest idea, Joel will claim that he never thought it'd work), and lots of driving around good ol' Abilene. Then we started dating after I turned him down twice. Thank God he asked me a third time! I just didn't want to mess up the good thing we had going with our friendship! But I finally decided that if it didn't work out with dating, we'd just laugh about it and move on.

Well, it clearly worked out.

I love that we graduated from ACU together. It just makes me happy.

Our wedding day! It took place here in Houston...a place Joel and I never imagined we'd be back to LIVE. But lo' and behold, here we are! 

Present. I love so much about our life right now. We're just 2 people with 2 animals, doing our own thing. Like grown ups. We've got a roof over our heads and jobs we're so thankful for. I'm especially thankful that I get to be in Houston with Joel and Betty (and let's not forget that cat) for all of October! With our crazy schedules lately, just being in Houston makes my heart happy right now. Much needed quality time with my guy.

Joel, I love you to the moon! Thanks for being mine all these years! To many many more!